Saturday, September 13, 2008

Bob-B-Q 2008

Every year one of my best friends throws a big BBQ we like to call the Bob-B-Q (since his name is Bob). It's become a big tradition around our social circle rivaling any of the real holidays. As part of that tradition, I always design a promotional poster and other graphics to commemorate the event. It's fun for me because Bob never asks for any particular theme or design, so I get to come up with whatever I want.

My original idea was to do a Bob-B-Q video game thing, but the more I got into it I really wanted to work a cute pin up girl into the design. Then it hit me while listening to the new cd by Ocrush, a band in which another close friend of mine plays guitar, it hit me: draw a girl in leg warmers! That's what lead to the retro 80's look of the final design, which stands in stark contrast to last year's dark horror/ zombie themed poster (see below).

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