Sunday, June 15, 2008

Boxcar Astronaut Sketchbook #3

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Welcome, once again, fellow astronauts to another peak behind the scenes at Boxcar Astronaut! I have a few treats for you this time with a couple of pieces of early pencil art from the production of this strip.

This first one is the scene where the boys first interact with their newly reactivated automaton buddy. It goes all the way back to strip # 14.

Next is the pencils from exactly 40 strips later, strip # 54. For those of you that have been reading along for a while may remember that one as the "lightning strikes" strip, this shot being the aftermath.

And almost last, I have here an early design drawing of Devin.

In every sketch book entry I like to throw in something a little different. This time I posting a little sketch I did of the Hulk. I've been in a Marvel mood lately what with the fantastic Iron Man film and now the new movie about ol' Jade Jaws! This might be my favorite summer blockbuster season yet.

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